Vascular Graft Solutions’ Improvements in Bypass Surgery Outcomes

Vascular Graft Solutions Inc, formed in 2009 develops solutions to improve the outcome of bypass surgery and patients’ quality of life. The company’s leading product, Venous External Scaffolding Technology (VEST), is a hybrid biological conduit that combines the benefits of arterial and venous conduits. The VEST is a kink-resistant, in-situ adjustable, cobalt chrome external scaffold. It is designed to mitigate vein graft disease and improve its performance by preventing post-implantation dilation, restraining wall tension and enhancing the diameter match with the coronary artery.

The CE Marked device is a kink resistant cobalt chrome braid which alleviates SVG’s wall tension and improves its lumen uniformity and flow pattern. Implantation of the device does not interfere at all with the routine grafting technique and requires only minutes to complete. The VEST targets the underlying mechanism of SVG intimal hyperplasia and failure: disturbed flow which is a result of lumen irregularities and increased venous wall tension due to the exposure to the arterial circulation conditions. Randomized controlled clinical studies have demonstrated VEST ability to significantly mitigate intimal hyperplasia and improve SVG lumen uniformity and flow pattern.

In addition, the VEST maintains the vein graft’s lumen uniformity and improves the flow pattern. The conduit aims to drive a significant change in the coronary artery bypass graft paradigm, improving the long-term clinical outcomes.

Another VSC product, the Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is considered the gold standard treatment for patients with multi-vessel coronary artery disease. Standard CABG requires 3-4 conduits to bypass diseased coronary arteries. Several studies demonstrated the clinical benefit of arterial conduits while others exposed their limitations which include high susceptibility to competitive flow, limited versatility and increased rate of harvesting site complications. Today, saphenous vein grafts (SVGs) are the most commonly used bypass conduits.

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