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Marcum Microcap Conference Overview. Healthcare Companies to Watch

The 6th Marcum Microcap conference is fast approaching on June 15 and 16 in NYC. This growing and increasingly significant conference will take up the Grand Hyatt Hotel to accommodate the estimated 2000 investors and industry professionals who are expected. Healthcare again dominates the conference with 59 companies in that sector registered to present so far. Below we’ve highlighted some that will be presenting that we have been following that we think are exceptional investment opportunities and available for meetings and one on ones.

Stroma has developed a surgically non-invasive procedure that provide patients with the option to change eye color from brown to blue in a controllable, precise manner. The Stroma technology uses a gentle, proprietary low-power laser system, combined with eye mapping and tracking to remove the layer of dark pigment from the iris, revealing the natural, light eye color underneath.

ADM Tronics: After years as providing design and engineering services to some of the world’s lead device manufacturers the company is now rolling out proprietary innovations for pain and Tinnitus technology two very large and underserved markets.

ProMIS Neurosciences has developed a rigorous screening process to revolutionize the way that neurodegenerative diseases are treated. They are making progress in Alzeheimers. In January they announced in vivo validation data for its lead program in mouse models showing complete elimination of cognitive decline and neurotoxicity.

Life Care Medical’s core technology relies on rapidly alternating magnetic fields that pass harmlessly through the skin surface and deliver localized, planar heat to the tissue to improve skin appearance. Less painful, more effective, faster and at a lower cost than current products serving a nearly billion dollar market.

Promaxo has been developing an office-based, portable MRI with cellular spatial resolution and real-time targeted biopsy which is non-invasive, more accurate and less expensive than current approaches. Their current focus is on transforming the current state of prostate cancer disease management.


Panel Sessions

Conference organizers have done an excellent job in identifying relevant panel sessions for growth company management and investors.  Review the conference site to see the profiles of each. The particular panels that OneMed will be paying closest attention include:

Regulation A+.  After a slow and hesitant start, Regulation A+ is finally coming into its own. The panel will include speaker Mark Elenowitz, founder of Banq, one of the early players who will discuss the current Reg A+ offering of Myomo which is hoping to be the first NYSE listed Reg A+ company. If you are curious about Reg A+ and its progress to date, this panel is one not to miss.

Up in Smoke? How to Invest in the Cannabis Industry  The clinical benefit of the non-psychoactive ingredient, CBD (Cannabinoid) in the hemp plant is unquestionably offering great hope as a treatment for pain, depression, epilepsy and others disorders.  GW Pharma, one of the companies in the space. has a $3 billion valuation and is trading at $106 dollars per share, when just four years ago in 2013 the price was at a mere $9 per share. OneMed has researched CBD as a viable alternative to opioids for the treatment of pain. Be sure to check out our three part series on the subject. This panel is a must-attend for those interested in solutions to one of the key healthcare challenges facing the country today.

Chinese Investment in the United States. This topic of discussion is split up into several different sub-panels, including:

  • Priority Sectors for Chinese Investment
  • Considerations for Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Tapping EB-5 Capital
  • Obtaining Premium Valuations
  • Economic Outlook for Outbound China Investment

NOTE: OneMedMarket presented 15 companies at the 5th Annual SEBP Conference in Shanghai two weeks ago followed by a series of meetings with the management of leading healthcare investors, including the firm that paid $800 million in cash for Dendreon earlier this year. It seems that the same billionaires who made vast fortunes in natural resources, real estate and retail are seeing those areas plateau and are now looking for alpha elsewhere, and healthcare is where they are seeing it. The recent decision by the CFDA (Chinese FDA) to accept FDA and CE mark should acceleration of drug and device approvals which will increase activity.

If you aren’t able to attend the conference, we will be compiling summaries of the above-listed panels, as well as an overall review of the event in upcoming issues. To learn more visit

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