CellAegis Devices Product Delivers Automated Remote Ischemic Conditioning (RIC)

CellAegis Devices is a Toronto-based medical device company that has patented and developed the non-invasive autoRIC Device, which delivers Remote Ischemic Conditioning (RIC) therapy to patients with acute and chronic cardiovascular conditions. Remote ischemic conditioning uses sequences of short, controlled periods of reduced or no blood flow (ischemia) in a limb followed by resumed blood flow (reperfusion). By activating innate mechanisms of metabolic protection in the body, RIC has been shown to reduce the larger damage from ischemic reperfusion injury to cardiac and other organs, including myocardial infarctions, cardiac surgery, stroke, trauma, and organ transplantation. This medical procedure protects the heart as well as other organs from ischemia and reperfusion injury.

The autoRIC® Device is highly portable and time‐efficient, delivering four cycles of simple‐to-administer treatment in less than 40 minutes, freeing up valuable healthcare resources. Operating the device is simple and compatible with current standard‐of‐care treatments. RIC delivery provides consistent, reliable, and cost-effective treatment during heart attacks, cardiothoracic or surgical procedures. The device can be used across the spectrum of care: it has proven efficacy in acute care settings, including treatment of patients in the ambulance or emergency room, or before Cath Lab procedures or other cardiac interventions. The device also allows for patient administered treatment in the home for chronic disease treatment.

The autoRIC Device has CE Mark and Health Canada approvals for treatment. Investigator sponsored clinical research studies for chronic conditions such as heart failure and stroke are also underway. The autoRIC® Device is the only commercially available and regulatory approved, proprietary device which automates the delivery of RIC with CE Mark certification in Europe and Health Canada approval. The foundation of the autoRIC Device was developed from the clinical work of Dr. Andrew Redington, who serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of CellAegis Devices, and colleagues at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

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