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BioFuse’s Technology to “Fuse” Torn or Surgically Divided Tissues

BioFuse Medical Technologies Inc. is a privately-held medical technology and surgical device company that has developed a unique radiofrequency (RF) vessel-sealing platform technology. BioFusion, the core technology developed by BioFuse Medical Technologies Inc., is an advanced high frequency electrosurgical system which incorporates a unique and proprietary method of controlling and delivering energy to and through the target tissue resulting in suture-less wound closure.

In studies, BioFusion® tissue fusion has been shown to create stronger wound closure than sutures, and leaves no foreign bodies behind. BioFusion® encompasses the proprietary use of a three phase RF energy algorithm, optimized specifically for the high strength wound closure. This wound closure has been shown to be stronger than any form of commercially available wound closure modality including sutures, staples and adhesives. Their FDA cleared & CE marked modality is applicable in numerous types of surgical procedures and will maintain the vascularity & vitality of the target tissue as well as decrease the incidence of inflammation, bleeding and leakage associated with other medical devices.

BioFuse was founded in 2013 and is based in Melbourne, Florida. In a study completed in January of 2017, after only 21 days, BioFusion™ created wound healing that was stronger than native healthy tissue. Their proprietary energy algorithm is now protected by multiple patents, and has been been successfully implemented in over 1,000 test cases.

Alexandra Barnes

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