Amex Business Gold With Many Premier Prizes

Who doesn’t know Amex Business Gold / American Express? Amex is a multinational financial services company which is one of the 20 largest financial services companies in the world. In addition to financial services, Amex has a company card that you can enjoy right now, such as American Express Business Gold, which has many benefits that you can enjoy.

However, you can enjoy Amex Business Gold prizes only every 1 year, which means that every year you will get a new offer to be able to enjoy the benefits and prizes given by American Express companies. This is different from a personal Amex Gold Card, which only gives a one-time gift when you make a personal Amex Gold Card. So, if you are an American Express Business Gold card holder, you can enjoy various bonuses and benefits from Amex.

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What are the Benefits of Amex Business Gold Card?

There are many benefits and bonuses that you can enjoy from Amex Business Gold Cards, Here is a list of Benefits and bonuses from Amex Business Gold Credit Cards:

  • Get 4X more membership points when you use american express business gold credit cards for purchases: Airplane tickets that are directly purchased from the airline, purchase advertisements on television or on the radio, purchase of electronic goods from selected providers, purchase of vehicle fuel, purchase of food in restaurants and even delivery. Everything you have to do specifically in the United States.
  • If you buy a plane ticket by booking a ticket through American Express Travel, you will receive a bonus point of 25%. But there are some other requirements that you must obey to get a membership bonus, such as tickets must be business class.
  • You also have the opportunity to get cashback when shopping, so you must be careful in using American Express Business Gold credit cards, because there are so many offers that you can receive such as; Shopping at Walmart for $ 15 or even more, you will get a $ 5 cashback. Spending $ 75 on Amazon you will receive a cashback of $ 25.

When buying an item using an American Express Business Gold credit card, you will be given protection or a purchase guarantee. So if the item you bought is lost and damaged within 90 days, you don’t need to worry because your item will be replaced with the exact same item. And the warranty time is extended for 1 year.

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  • You also get luggage insurance for the items you carry while traveling by airplane. Insurance includes; If your bag is lost you will be given $ 500 and $ 1,250 for your lost handbag when at the airport or while flying.
  • Premium Roadside Assistance, If your vehicle experiences obstacles when traveling such as a flat tire, car battery drop and strike, you will receive insurance from Amex Business Gold for free. But you are required to pay 4X vehicle insurance costs for 1 year.
  • If you refer your friends to use American Express Business Gold, you will get a membership bonus point of 20K for each account that was successfully created from your referral.

The above are some of the benefits that you can enjoy from an Amex Business Gold credit card. For the points you earn from several transactions that you make using the Amex Business Gold credit card, there are no limits. so you don’t need to worry if your membership points reach the limit.

In addition to the list of benefits above that you can enjoy, you can also enjoy several other benefits from the Amex Business Gold credit card. For example you can enjoy free lounges from the American Express Company. To be able to enjoy free lounges from American Express, there are several requirements you must meet.

So, How to Enjoy the American Express Lounge?

To be able to enjoy the American Express Lounge for free, you must have an American Express Platinum Card membership. You can also invite 2 friends or family to be able to enjoy the Lounge together, it’s all free.

That is information about some of the benefits and prizes that can be enjoyed by Amex Business Gold credit card holders. Some benefits that you can receive may have requirements that must be fulfilled before you can enjoy the benefits of Amex Business Gold credit cards. So the tips for you are to always be careful when using an Amex Business Gold credit card. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.