Amex Everyday Credit Card, Free Annual Fee and Transfer Fee

As we know, each credit card must have additional fees that you can use, such as annual credit card fees and balance transfer fees. But not with amex everyday credit card, this credit card has no annual fees and balance transfer fees. Therefore these credit cards include cheap credit cards or low-cost credit cards. That way you can freely transfer balances, without worrying about the additional costs given by the credit card company American Express.

Besides being waived by additional fees, you will also receive several prizes from amex everyday credit cards. You can receive a gift the first time you start using amex everyday credit card. In addition to being exempt from annual fees and balance transfer fees, there are various benefits and bonuses offered by American Express companies to EveryDay credit card holders.

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Benefits and Rewards that can be Obtained from Using the Amex EveryDay Credit Card

  1. Rewards You Get when You Use an Amex EveryDay Credit Card

  • Get 20% and 2X additional points – To get 20% extra points, you must use your card 20 times or more. And get double the points, if you shop at a supermarket in the United States and spend $ 6,000 for 1 year. Also you will get 1X bonus points for every dollar you spend on shopping.
  • Membership Rewards Program – That way you can easily use your points to exchange them with more than 500 brands of merchandise, travel, gift cards and entertainment. You can also easily transfer your points to several Amercan Epress travel programs.
  • Flexible payment – Amex Everyday Credit Card has other advantages in terms of payment. If you use Amex EveryDay, you will be able to set your payment according to what you want.
  1. Travel Rewards and Benefits if You Use an Amex EveryDay Credit Card

  • Get 2X membership points at Amex Travel – You will get 2X points every time you use amex everyday credit card, for every purchase of trips, stays, vacation packages and cruises.
  • Rental car insurance – If you rent a car using the amex credit card everyday, you will receive insurance from the amex company. If you have an accident when you rent a car, you will receive insurance for damage to your rental car and if the rental car is lost or stolen you also get insurance from an American Express company.
  1. Benefits and Rewards when Using the Amex EveryDay Credit Card

  • Easily shop using membership points – You can easily shop using your points or exchange your points for the items you want. In addition the company also provides insurance for every item you buy using amex everyday credit card. and also you get free shipping, every time you shop at the ShopRunner online store.

And also you will get free movie watching tickets from ticketmaster. If you buy a ticket today to watch in the cinema with friends, family or lovers. The next day you will get a free ticket to watch from ticketmaster.

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What are the Requirements to Get an Amex EveryDay Credit Card?

The requirements are the same as the requirements for making other credit cards. such as your personal data, your social security number, cellphone number, e-mail address and importantly you must have a credit score of 700 or more to be able to enjoy the Amex EveryDay Credit Card.

How do I Register for Amex EveryDay Credit Card?

If you have prepared the requirements above, follow the instructions below:

  • The first step, access the official website of American Express via a cellphone or computer device.
  • After you have successfully opened the official Amex website, on your main page, click “Card” which is located above the main page. Select “Amex EveryDay”.
  • After you select “Amex EveryDay”, you will be directed to the next page to fill in the registration form such as; Name and name on the card, e-mail address, date of birth, your home address, social security number, 1 year total income and sources of income. You must fill in everything correctly.
  • After successfully filling in all your data, click “Continue”. so you will be directed to the next page. On the next page you will be asked to read some conditions that you must obey and know. click “continue”.
  • After you agree to some conditions given by Amex company, your submission will be processed immediately. Usually takes up to 5 minutes at the most. Amex company will review your credit score, if your credit score is less than 700 then you will be rejected directly. But if your credit score is above 700, congratulations you can use Amex EveryDay Credit Card.

If successful, you will receive a message or email notification that you can use the Amex EveryDay Credit Card. Your card will be sent to your home address within a maximum of 1 week. After your credit card is accepted, you must activate it first, so that you can use it.

How do I Activate My Card?

You can activate your card online or by telephone.

  • Online – visit the official website of Amex Express to activate your credit card. You will be asked to enter your credit card number, after being successfully verified by the American Express Company, you can immediately use your amex everyday credit card.
  • Telephone – Call the 1-800-362-6033 number.

If the process is complete, you can now freely use your amex credit card every day and you can start enjoying the benefits and gifts given by the American Express company.

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