Cathay Pacific JFK, Best First Class Review

Cathay Pacific JFK is an airline company headquartered in Hong Kong. Within 30 Days Chatay Pacific has delivered and served more than 1 million passengers to their destinations in more than 62 airports throughout the world, with revenues of up to $ 4,000. Cathay Pacific JFK was first established in 1946 by 2 people from the United States Roy Farrell and Australia Sydney de Kantzow. With its first destinations Manila, Bangkon and Singapore.

For those of you who don’t know, starting from 15 January 2017 Cathay Pacific JFK is now being moved from its original Terminal 7 to Terminal 8. That way passengers will easily be connected to American Airlines flights and there will be no more security checks needed.

Cathay Pacific JFK Lounge

For Cathay Pacific JFK Lounge, in my opinion is quite good and good service. The inspection only takes no more than 5 minutes and a business-specific inspection counter is now available. That way you don’t need to wait for a long queue.

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You can immediately go relax and wait for your flight schedule. There you can drink, eat and read magazines or relax for a while until your flight schedule is announced. Cathay Pacific JFK Lounge is usually crowded in the afternoon, because the lounge can now also be enjoyed by Oneworld Emeralds Passengers.

Cathay Pacific JFK Cabin

After you wait and relax in the lounge, next you have to walk a short distance to get to your plane. It is a bit crowded, indeed the road to the plane, but after arriving at the plane the area around the plane is very quiet and you will be welcomed with a beautiful friendly flight attendant. Cathay Pacific JFK business cabin is only available 6 cabin, so you will feel very calm and peaceful when flying. In addition, you can enjoy food, drinks and various other facilities such as watching movies and TV as well as video games, as well as bathrooms that are separate from other class passengers. That way your trip won’t feel long.

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Cathay Pacific JFK Seat

For business class seats in Cathay Pacific JFK is very broad. There are 3 seats for each cabin, but 1 seat is usually not used because it is too small for you to sit on. Usually a small seat is only used for your footrests, when your seat is converted into a bed.

Each cabin has 3 windows, enough to give you light if you want it. But because of the many entertainment during the flight window is usually not opened, because you can enjoy a variety of entertainment provided in your TV cabin.

You can also adjust your seat as you wish with just the touch of your hand, There is also a USB port to charge your cellphone. Don’t worry if you carry lots of things, because the luggage in the business cabin is very wide.

Which Terminal is Cathay Pacific?

  • Cathay Pacific uses Terminal 1 for arrivals – Hong Kong.
  • Cathay Pacific at Manila airport uses Terminal 3
  • Cathay Pacific uses Terminal 8 – at New York’s JFK airport

Who can Use Cathay Pacific JFK Lounge?

You can enjoy Cathay Pacific Lounge if you become one of the selected members of The Marco Polo Club and oneworld membership and also for first class and business class passengers.

Can Economy Class Enjoy the Pacific Cathay Lounge?

Of course you can, but you must have a status / use premium economy ticket and also you must have a priority membership card. that way you can enjoy the benefits of the lounge.

Above is information about cathay pacific jfk, business class and first class as top priority in aviation. so you don’t need to worry if you experience discomfort during your trip. Although airplane tickets are more expensive than usual, the services and facilities provided are quite satisfying when traveling. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.