Ease to Check Your Bank of America Application Status – bankofamerica.com/cardappstatus

When you apply for a Bank of America credit card, you might be wondering How about an approved Bank of America application status or not? Maybe it’s due to pending or still in their review stage. Though you can immediately find out the Bank of America credit card application status with two methods namely online and by phone. Instead of you waiting for notice by sitting at home.

How do you check the Bank of America application status?

To get started to check the Bank of America credit card application status can use online or by phone. Both are the best ways of BOA. Here’s how to do it:

Check the status of Bank of America credit cards online

  1. Visit the Bank of America portal site at www.bankofamerica.com/cardappstatus.
  2. Click the “Check the status of my submitted app” link.
  3. Enter the Last Name.
  4. Enter Date, Month and Year of birth.
  5. Enter the last 4 digits of the Social Security number (SSN).
  6. Enter the ZIP Code.
  7. Finally, click “Submit” to view the status of your Bank of America credit card application online.

According to the Bank of America website, it is hoped that you can update the status of your application regularly. With that, you can immediately see what decisions are given by Bank of America.

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Check the status of Bank of America credit card by phone

You can check the status of the Bank of America credit card application by phone. Prepare some information such as your SSN and ZIP code because it will be requested later. Here is a list of phone numbers that you can call:

Contact Check Status of Bank of America Credit Card Applications: 866,422.8089

Bank of America application status questions via PO Box:

American Bank

PO Box 2493

Norfolk, VA 23501-2493

Please note that not all Bank of America credit card applications will result in immediate approval. They will review your credit report and it can take up to 10 days before you receive an approved status message. If you have credit that has a problem and allows the Bank of America application status to be rejected. This is not the end, but you can try it later by making improvements such as increasing credit scores, paying off some of the loan balance at another bank, or increasing your income.

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Some lists of Bank of America credit cards

Bank of America offers several credit cards that can match your needs. Apparently, the most popular at this time is the Alaska Airlines card. It has valuable reward miles offerings on your flying trips. Here’s a list of other Bank of America credit cards:

Travel & Airline Rewards Cards

  1. Alaska Airlines
  • BankAmericard Travel Rewards
  • Spirit Airlines
  1. Cash Rewards Cards
  • BankAmericard Cash Rewards
  • World Wildlife Fund
  1. Points Rewards Cards
  • AAA Member Rewards
  • Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards
  1. Build or Rebuild Credit Cards
  • BankAmericard Secured
  • BankAmericard Cash Rewards for Students

If you really want to get an application status decision as quickly as possible, you can contact the phone number above. Enables you to talk with a BOA credit analyst. They can make the decision to approve your application by phone. With that, you are expected to be polite and friendly. Prepare you to receive some questions from them. Unlike other banks, which have reconsideration lines to deal with your application being rejected, you should fix the error and try again later.