Barclaycard Application Status: Check Application Status and Reconsider Phone Number, Work Easily

Barclaycard application status can be found in a fairly easy and simple way. If you are in the process of applying for a Barclaycard credit card or have even previously submitted, and receive a message stating that your Barclays application status is under review. You can check the status of the application easily via online or telephone. You can also contact Barclay’s reconsideration phone, in case your application is required to wait even if it is not approved.

How do I check the Barclaycard Application Status?

Barclays makes it easy for its customers, one of which makes it easy to be able to check the status of your credit card application. You can use it if you experience problems or ask questions about the Barclays application status.. Checking the status of the Barclays application can be achieved in two ways, online and by telephone. However, it seems that checking online is very practical compared to calling.

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How do I check the status of the Barclay online application?

To check your status, an online Barclay can be determined by the type of card you use. You can choose the type of cards such as a personal Barclay credit card or Barclay business credit card to check the status of the credit card application. You can only see the Barclaycard status of the latest credit card applications that are valid for up to 90 days from the moment of application submission. Here are the best steps to complete:

  1. Visit the portal site according to the type of credit card you are applying for:

  1. Enter your Last Name.
  2. Enter your last 4 Digit SSN (Social Security Number).
  3. Enter your ZIP code where you live.
  4. Enter a valid email address.
  5. Note that all of the information above is the data that you provided during the previous application process.
  6. Finally, you click “Check Status”, you can see the status of the Barclays credit card completely.

How do I check the Barclaycard application status phone number?

To check the status of your Barclays credit card application, you can use the telephone service below:

  • Call Barclay credit card application status: 1-888-232-0780
  • Help Access Barclay credit card accounts: 1-877-523-0478
  • Just like checking the status of an online application, you must have information ready (last name, SSN, ZIP Code and email address). You will connect with the representative by saying or choosing the option to “Check on an Application.”

Review the status message from the Barclays credit card application

There are several messages that will be displayed after you see the Barclaycard application status. Surely you will feel happy if you get a message that your application is “Approved”, and vice versa is very sad if the message “Rejected” comes to you. It’s time to wait if the message is still in “Review / Pending”. The following explanation:

Application Status Message “Approved”

You will be the happiest person if the “Approved” Application Status message comes to you. Most likely your application will be approved. You only need to wait up to 10 business days for the Barclays credit card to arrive at your door.

Application Status Message “Review / Wait”

This Barclaycard application status Message is not a definitive answer regarding your application’s approval, but you are required to wait several days because Barclays is conducting a review phase of your application. Indeed, reviewing your credit report and determining whether you are eligible for this new credit card request, can take several days.

Application Status Message “Rejected”

This Barclaycard application status is a scary message for most people who submit credit card applications. The reason for the refusal can be attributed to allowing you to have broken the rules of the Barclays credit card, having a debt to income ratio or others. But don’t worry, you can call the Barclays reconsideration phone number to convince the representative that you deserve to be approved or cancel the rejection.

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Call the Barclays credit card reconsideration line

If you experience rejection in the application process, you can contact the Barclay reconsideration line. That too can be used also to speed up an immediate decision if your application is being reviewed. You will immediately be directed to a customer service representative. When you are connected they are expected to be friendly and explain why you want to have the card to be more convincing to them. Here are the telephone numbers you can call:

  • Barclays personal credit card reconsideration line: 866.408.4064
  • Barclays business credit card reconsideration line: 866,710.2688
  • Operating hours: From 8 am to 12 am EST (midnight) / 7 days a week

What are the Barclay credit card rules?

For Barclays credit card applicants must follow a few rules from them merely limiting credit card registration. The rules of Barclays may be different from the rules of other banks, therefore you are expected to understand before moving on to the next stage. The following rules apply for the Barclays credit card application:

Minimum expenditure since 90 days of submission

You have to start counting for minimum expenses. You can count 90 days from the first card submission, not when you have received it. This minimum expenditure must be met by new applicants when they want to submit an application.

Has no limit on the number of cards

The advantage of applying for a Barclays credit card is that Barclays does not have a limit on the number of Barclays credit cards for card applicants. That means you can have multiple cards with Barclays, but ideally, you have a reasonable number of cards to save. Because it’s all just for you who are approved.

Barclays has non-strict rules

Is it true that Barclays has non-strict rules? Maybe some claim that Barclays has ruled by implementing 6/24, but they don’t write in writing and sometimes they don’t rule them.

Barclays credit score

Barclays really wants its applicants to have a Credit score above 700, maybe you will have difficulty approving if you have a Credit score of less than 700 to get an approved Barclays credit card.

It is hoped that you will not be too worried if your Barclay credit card is delayed. You can check the Barclaycard application status online or by telephone (explained above). If you get a “Declined” status message, you can contact the Barclays credit card reconsideration line by convincing them to cancel the rejection. You will be connected with Barclay credit analysts because they have an important role in the approval of your application. With that, you don’t need to be scared, but you don’t miss the best benefit offer from Barclays cards.