CVS Passport Photo – Easy Way to Get it for Free

What are CVS Passport Photo Use for?

CVS Passport Photo is a document that must be owned by everyone who will travel. What’s more to go on vacation and business trips abroad, everyone must have a passport. A passport is given by the government of a country to identify each nationality who will travel internationally. Passport information can be in the form of the holder’s name, photo, date and place of birth and the passport holder’s signature.

What are the Requirements for Making a CVS Passport Photo?

If you have never owned a passport or want to renew an existing passport, you can prepare 2 pieces of photos that exactly match your complete data. There are some additional requirements if you want to extend your expired passport.

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But in making passport photos there are several requirements that must be followed. You don’t need to worry because there are already many professional photo services that you can rely on such as CV Passport Photos, a grocery store that offers Photo Studio and Professional Photography Studios. But in our opinion the best in making passport photos is CVS. If you are going to make a CVS passport photo, there are a number of things you must obey:

  • For Cvs Passport Photo sizes, it must be 2 X 2 (51 X 51 mm). Can’t be more or less. and the head is centered and measures between 1 and 1.4 (25 and 35 mm). That is one of the most difficult rules for making passport photo CVs.
  • Passport Photo Cvs are mandatory and must reflect your current appearance, because it can make it easy for border employees to identify that the photo on the passport is yours.
  • In taking a passport photo, you are not allowed to use glasses. That’s because the glasses can reflect the light caused by the camera, so that your eyes will not be seen clearly by the camera.
  • Make sure your facial expressions are neutral. it is not allowed to smile, because if you smile it will cause your eyes to become slanted. so your facial expression must be neutral so that your eyes look clear.
  • For CV Passport photo backgrounds, it is required to be white.
  • Must not use hair ties and other hair accessories. other than because of religious obligations, if so you must ensure that your face is clear.

What is the CVS Passport Photo Size and Price?

For the cvs passport photo price of an average price of $ 12 to $ 15, the fee includes 2 cvs passport photo. if you want to print 4 x 6 photos, 1 piece will cost an additional $ 0.30. CVS stores in America there are more than 7,000 stores that are widespread in the United States.

Can I Take My Own Photo for My Passport?

Of course you can take your own photo for your passport. You can take your own photo using other applications and devices to take your own passport photo. But it still has to be in the cvs passport photos rule. Using professional photo services might be an option for those of you who have more money and lots of free time. But for people who are busy and do not have time to queue to get a Cvs Passport Photo and do not have enough money, there are several cheaper and faster ways to get a Cvs Passport Photos.

Here’s how You can do at Home to Get a Free CVS Passport Photos:

  • ID PhotoPrint Application – This application is available on Playstore and can be downloaded for free on your mobile. After you have downloaded the ID PhotoPrint application for free, open the ID PhotoPrint application and take a picture of yourself. After getting an appropriate photo of yourself, print your photos at your local pharmacy and in any shop that provides photo printing or self-printing at home. The ID PhotoPrint application also provides photo print services, for $ 7.
  • Passport Booth Application – For this one application you can also download it for free at Playstore, the Passport Booth Application can be downloaded for free by Android and iOS users. This application is very easy for you to use. After taking a photo of yourself, your photos will be sent free to your email with a picture size of 4 x 6 images with 2 pieces of 2 x 2 photos. Print your photos at home or at pharmacies and stores that provide photo printing.

Those are some tips and information to get your CVS Passport Photo for free that you can do at home. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.