Tips for Dispute Budget Errors of Htallc and AVIS eToll

Avis eToll is an electronic card made by an avis company for its customers, aiming that avis customers no longer need to queue to pay toll entrances. That way customers do not have to bother to hand over cash and receive refunds from toll gate officers. and avis eTolls does not require transponder vehicles, because avis eTolls uses video tolling like PlatePass.

In 2016 the Avis company became the first car rental company to use an electronic toll or eToll. Avis eTolls was first introduced by E-Zpass. In 2006 Avis e-Tolls was first released in the metropolitan area of Houston, Florida and Colorado. The Avis company continues to develop its eToll products, even to Indonesia, precisely in the city of Jakarta, which currently has vehicles equipped with toll transponders.

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Avis eToll now exists in almost the states of the United States. But why is renting a car on Avis e-Toll often burdened with additional costs? You might experience the same thing with other customers who are always exposed to additional costs after renting a car on Avis e-Tolls. These additional fees are often ignored, because the bill is via a credit card and without giving an invoice. if they provide an invoice, maybe the invoice will be sent to your address the following month, which you have forgotten.

Then How do I Get the Bill from Avis eToll?

To get an invoice from Avis eTolls every month, all you need is your active email address on your mobile. So the Avis e-Tolls bill will automatically enter your email address. The following are the steps to register the email:

  • First you need to open the official website of Highway Toll Administration / htallc.
  • After successfully logging in, search for and select the Avis car rental company.
  • After you choose the Avis car rental company, you will be redirected to the Avis e-Tolls page.
  • At the top there are 2 options available “Find Statement” and “Auto-Receipt Sign up”. Click “Auto-Receipt Sign up”.
  • After that you will be asked to fill in a personal data form such as: Your full name, credit card number and email address. After filling in your personal data, you will go to the next page.
  • On this page you will see “Get an Invoice Via Email Automatically”, fill in completely each blank column.
  • After successfully registering an email, you will receive an invoice from Avis e-Tolls automatically every month. so you don’t need to bother looking for the Avis eTolls invoice on your credit card.

After getting an automatic invoice by email every month, you will find out your billing details. If you find additional bills or even you don’t do it on the invoice, don’t panic too much. Because you can claim bills that you never made on the invoice.

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How do I Claim an Invalid Bill Avis eToll?

The Following Steps are what You Should Take:

  • If you find an invalid bill, the first thing you should do is contact the Avis e-Tolls company and ask why the charge is on your invoice. Usually the company will give you complicated reasons. Recall whether at that time you brought an EZ-Pass? If you feel you have brought your EZ-Pass, contact the Highway Toll Administration / htallc via cellphone or email and ask why there are invalid bills on your invoice. Usually they ask for proof of your toll payment. Send proof of payment via email. Congratulations on getting your money back from improper payments.

How do I Avoid Improper Billing from Avis eToll?

To Avoid Inappropriate Fees for Avis e-Toll, You must:

  • Make sure you receive detailed automatic invoices by email every month.
  • Before traveling make sure you carry your eToll card in your pocket. and also make sure you receive a receipt for your eToll payment. Proof of payment is one of the strongest evidences to avoid invoicing.

The tips for avoiding incorrect payments above can also be used at all car rental companies that work with the Toll Road Administration.

That’s information about Avis eToll and how to avoid improper charges from Avis e-Tolls and Highway Toll Administration / htallc. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.