Drizly Promo Code up to 25%, Big Discount for New Year Promo

The Drizly Promo Code has now returned with discounted offers and other promos that you can enjoy when ordering liquor to party with friends. Drizly discount is offered by 20% for you loyal users of delivery service and for you new customers. Now you can enjoy drizly in several major cities in the United States and Canada.

There are several Drizly Promo Codes that are still active that can be used to order liquor.

Here are the Active Promo Codes:

  • HALO – Use the Drizly Promo Code when you make a purchase above $ 20, you will receive a $ 5 discount when checking out. This promo code only applies to new users and only applies to cities such as; Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Florida, Illisionists, Los Angles, Miami and New York.
  • FIRST5 – Use the Drizly Promo Code to get a $ 15 discount, this code is valid in all cities where the Drizly liquor delivery service is available. Especially for new users.
  • DRIZLYDEAL – Promo applies to all Drizly customers. You will get a $ 5 discount for your next order. Valid for all cities with Drizly services available.
  • DRINKS15 – If you have a party and order a Drizly service to deliver your liquor order, use this promo code to get a discount of $ 15 when you shop more than $ 30. Especially for new customers in any city you are.

The above are some Drizly Promo Code that you can use to get discounts from Drizly. Before you use, make sure the promo code above is still valid.

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Can I Send Liquor as a Gift?

Of course, with Drizly’s liquor delivery service, you can send some liquors like, beer, your friend’s favorite liquor and wine. The liquor you order as a gift for your friends or family will be sent directly from the closest liquor store around your friend’s home. Just click on “Gift” in your cart when you checkout in the app or the official Drizly feature.

What Liquor Products are Available on Drizly?

Many types and liquor products that you can order on Drizly, such as:

  • Beer – Light Beer, IPA, Lager, Hard Seltzer, Craft Beer, Cider, ALE, WitBier and many more.
  • Wine – White Wine, Red Wine, Champagne, Prosecco, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose Wine, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and More.
  • Liquor – Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Liqueur, Flavored Vodka, Cognac, Scotch, Bourbon, and Japanese Whiskey.
  • Extras – Soda, Ice, Juice, Mixers, Sparkling Water & Seltzer, Food & Snacks, Energy Drinks, Water, Margarita Mix, Club Soda and Fruit & Garnishes.

There are still many types and other liquor products that you can order. So hurry up and order.

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Tips: Before you order various types of liquor in Drizly, make sure your home address is correct. If you use the Drizly Promo Code, you must ensure that the promo code is still active and you can still use it. And if you are going to give a gift to your friends and family, you can leave a note or greeting to your friends and family, Write in the “Order Comment” if you want to write a note for the order that you will send to your friends or family. And also some liquor is available in cold and fresh temperatures.

Above is information about the Drizly Promo Code that you can enjoy when ordering liquor at Drizly. Unfortunately, not all cities have Drizly shipping service, but you can check and check if your city is available on Drizly shipping service on the official website by entering your residential address. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.