Gett Promo Code, $ 50 Free Credit Promotion

Gett Promo Code | Gett is an online-based transportation company. Gett, formerly known as GetTaxi, comes from Israel, which provides transportation, services and shipping services. You can now order taxis and couriers through the official website of Gett / GetTaxi. The Gett application was first popularized and developed by the Israeli company GetTaxi. Where the application you can download and use on Android and iOS phones. Gett online taxi transportation currently operates in more than 120 cities in the UK, Russia, United States and Israel. The Gett company is owned by Dave Waiser and was first popularized in 2010. The Gett company is headquartered in Israel and has 964 employees currently.

Because of the large number of competitors for online transportation or what we commonly call online taxis, Gett promo code now has several good promotions to attract customers to use the services provided by the Gett company. The promotion is a free voucher for users who use the Gett application for the first time.

However, only new users in the city of New York can enjoy this promotion. The promo also has a 2 week time limit to use, so for those of you who are the first users of the Gett application, you must immediately use it before the promo expires or expires. But besides that Gett is much cheaper than its competitors.

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How do I Register and Get the Gett Promo Code?

  • First step – Install the Gett application on your Android or iOS phone. Just visit the PlayStore on your mobile and type “Gett” in the Playstore search.
  • Second Step – After the Gett application is successfully installed on your smartphone, open the Gett application and register your mobile number that you are currently using. Don’t fill in your cellphone number incorrectly, because it’s very important for drivers to contact you.
  • Third Step – After successfully registering your mobile number, you will immediately enter the Gett application dashboard. After that, click the menu button in the left corner of the Gett application.
  • Step Four – After you click the menu button, look for the words “Enter Coupon Code”, After you enter the Gett Promo Code Click “Done”.

Those are the steps that must be taken to register Gett applied. New users will automatically get a free credit promo of $ 50. and if you are a long time user, you can also enjoy some promos given by the Gett company.

How do I Get a Free Gett Promo Code?

If you are a longtime Gett customer, you can simply refer your friends to use the Gett application. You can also share your Gett profile or application with all your friends. That way you will get a free promo from Gett for $ 20. So don’t hesitate to share your reference code with your close friends. One thing you should remember is that the free credit Gett has has a 30 day expiration limit. Because it’s not in the application, let me remind you again.

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List of Promo Codes that can be Used – New Customers who Use Gett Application

  • GTXUALM – You will get a discount of 10 Euros.
  • GTIXGXX – You will get a $ 50 discount.
  • GTMZWRC – This is also the same, you will get a $ 50 discount

List of Promo Codes for Existing Customers

  • GTAFZWP – You will get a discount of $ 50.

The Gett Promo Code above has terms and conditions that apply and you must fulfill. So before using the promo code you must ensure that the promo code can still be used.

So, How do I Know the Promo Code is Still Active?

To ensure that the Gett Promo Code is still active and can be used:

  • First you have to enter the Gett application.
  • On the Home page, click the menu in the upper left corner.
  • Look for a menu that reads “Enter Coupon Code”. Try one by one the promo code above to make sure the code can still be used.
  • If it’s still active, there will be a popup on the Gett home page application. Congratulations on your $ 50 discount.

That’s some information, tips and ways to get promo codes from Gett companies, gett promo codes and gett coupon codes. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.