– Take Checkers & Rally’s Survey, Win Free Sandwiches

Guestobsessed gives you the opportunity to have a free sandwich. Are you a fast-food lover? You want to enjoy burgers and sandwiches? You can enjoy it all at Checkers and Rally. They are known as a place for fast food lovers and their double drive-through double restaurants. To support Checkers and Rally to improve its service and as a drive-thru store that highly values ​​customer satisfaction, they try to listen to what most customers want.

Checkers and Rally give you the opportunity to express your valuable opinions, feedback, suggestions or comments by inviting you to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. Survey invitations are printed on certain receipts. Take the Guest obsessed survey at and enjoy free sandwiches or other free food. This time you will get complete information about customer satisfaction surveys to complete perfectly, and encourage you to be the winner.

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What is Guestobsessed Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The Guestobsessed Survey is a customer satisfaction survey made by Checkers and Rally, to get official feedback from customers to improve their services. Listen to honest feedback such as product value, food quality, food appearance, serving time and other services. How satisfied the customer experience was at Checkers and Rally. The survey only took five minutes to complete, because it was held online at If you participate you will get validation codes that can be redeemed and have the opportunity to get valuable offers from them.

What are the Rules of a Checkers and Rally’s survey?

  1. You must be 18 years or older, to fulfill the survey requirements.
  2. You are an official resident of the United States or the District of Columbia.
  3. Has receipts from Checkers and Rally restaurants.
  4. You can redeem the validation code within 30 days.
  5. One visit only applies to one participant.

How to take the Guest Obsessed survey?

To complete this guest satisfaction survey is very simple and only takes less than 5 minutes. Here are the right steps to complete the Checkers & Rally’s Survey:

  1. To get started you can visit the portal site at
  2. Enter the 4-digit Shop Number found on the Checkers and Rally receipt.
  3. Enter the Date, Month and Year when visiting the restaurant.
  4. Enter the Check Number contained in the receipt.
  5. Next, click “Start” to start taking surveys.
  6. You will be directed to the survey, give your valuable feedback honestly.
  7. After you provide feedback, provide valid contact information to be contacted by them.
  8. In the end, you get a Checker and Rally coupon to redeem attractive prizes.

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What are rewards Checkers and Rally’s Survey?

In this guest satisfaction survey, there are no draws, so those of you who participated in this Checkers and Rally’s Guest obsessed survey will most likely get a reward by providing a validation code and meeting the eligibility criteria. Validation codes can be redeemed at a specified time and at Checker and Rally restaurants anywhere in the United States. Rewards given to customers are packaged as attractive as possible so that customers will not hesitate to participate in this valuable opportunity. Survey Rewards are entirely dependent on what is printed on your receipt. It allows you to choose free or discounted sandwiches for future purchases. To contact Checker and Rally Assistance, you can call 1-800-800-8072 or 1-813-283-7000.