Jet Price Match, Is it Legitimate or Scam?

Jet Price Match That is a company that sells a number of goods online, or what we often call now is an online shop. is an e-commerce company headquartered in New Jersey, United States.

The Jet Price Match company was first established in 2014, led by Marc Lore, Nate Faust and Mike Hanrahan. has raised $ 820 million. Due to its large revenue, the official website was officially released in 2015. Last autumn, the company resmin became a subsidiary of Walmart.

But after Jet Price Match officially became a subsidiary of Walmart, in June 2019 experienced a decline in sales in its online shop. Since then all employees have been moved to work on the site.

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Below are some reviews about the jet price match customers that I managed to collect to compare jet price matches, is it True or False ?. The goal is to tell you whether is scam or legitimate, fake or safe. Because every customer review on, everything is honest and trustworthy.

Is Legitimate or Scam? is one of the most popular online shopping websites, but many customers have complaints with That’s why you might think twice about shopping at But the online shopping site is true and legitimate.

Following is the List of Feedback:

  • customers – Bukki

Amazon was unfriendly and the tablet computer he ordered was rejected outright by Amazon. It was not the first time Bukki’s order had been rejected. Bukki began to search for other online shopping sites in a hurry. Bukki found and immediately ordered the items that Bukki wanted on After Bukki made sure the address was not wrong, Bukki also received his order package within 2 days. This is Bukki’s online shopping experience on the site

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  • customers – Jane

Jane commented that, Jane ordered items on and received confirmation emails from 3 different email addresses. That’s Not a Problem for Jane. And in the morning Jane checked her bank account and was found to have been debited by for the order of the item. But Jane received the same bill a few hours later. Jane also called customer service. Customer service said that the first bill was to ensure that got their money. And for bills that both parties will return the money within 3 to 5 days. Jane also said she would never shop again on the site.

  • customers – Raul

Raul commented that he was very satisfied with the product and price offered by the website. Raul said that he was already a loyal customer of, when the website was first launched. But the price of goods available on, according to him, year after year is increasing. Next to has great items. Raul said that he often ordered items from in very large quantities. But often found that goods damaged due to improper packaging, he immediately contacted the customer service and customer service is always alert, friendly and quick to handle Raul’s complaints.

So in conclusion the jet price match is a very good online shopping site, they provide a lot of good items that you need. But has technicians who need to be repaired, such as shipping parts that are still not good at packing customer ordered items. and in the payment system that I myself do not understand. because usually the payment system is only done 1 time, which is when we order goods. or when the goods arrive in our hands.

That’s some information about the jet price match and the online shopping site that I managed to collect. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.