JP Morgan Reserve Card, Get 100K Rewards Points

JP Morgan Reserve Card is a special credit card issued by JP Morgan for customers specifically invited to use the credit card. JPM Reserve Card is specifically made for exclusive customers of JP Morgan’s company. Because this card is one of the most exclusive credit cards in the world and is intended for customers which is very important for JP Morgan.

So basically you can not get jp morgan reserve card by registering like a credit card in general, only people who get offers or invitations from JP Morgan companies can use JPM Reserve Cards.

How to Get JP Morgan Reserve Card?

To be able to use jp morgan reserve card, there are 1 requirements that you must meet, namely; You must have $ 10 million in private bank JP Morgan. If you already have an asset of $ 10 million, you will automatically get an invitation from the JP Morgan company to be able to use JPM Reserve Card.

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Don’t you ask about the limit on the use of JPM Reserve Card, because in my opinion JPM Reserve Card has no limit. If there is a usage limit it may be around 70% of your assets in the JP Morgan company when you get a special invitation.

What are the Benefits of Using a JP Morgan Reserve Card?

The benefits of using jp morgan backup cards are not much different from Chase Sapphire Reserve credit cards, both of which are Visa Infinite products.

  • Get a $ 300 free credit every year.
  • Priority Pass airport lounge access and United Club lounge membership.
  • Get 3 times the Chase Rewards points for your food and travel purchases.
  • Get a 50% bonus for exchanging your travel gifts.
  • 1: 1 for transfer points which you will use for airlines and JP Morgan’s hotel partners.

JP Morgan Reserve Card has an annual fee of $ 450, in addition you will not be charged any fees for transactions. You will also get a first registration bonus of 50K Chase Ultimate Rewards, after you spend $ 4,000 in the first 3 months.

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Benefits of Travel Protection

You can also enjoy other benefits of JP Morgan reserve card, if you travel, you will receive a lot of travel protection to save your expenses, the benefits are as follows:

  • If you experience problems while traveling by car, motorcycle or van, you will get free roadside services. You will receive 4X free roadside services for 1 year.
  • If you experience delays in flights, you will receive a guarantee of $ 500 for 1 ticket and even a free hotel if your flight is delayed by 1 day.
  • If your belongings are lost at the airport or damaged, you will receive $ 3,000 from JP Morgan company.
  • If your car or the car you rent is damaged or lost. You will receive insurance of $ 75,000.
  • You do not need to worry if your flight ticket can not be returned / canceled. If this happens, you are entitled to receive $ 10,000.

That way you do not need to worry if on the way things happen that are not desired by you, because every mistake and accident will be compensated by JP Morgan directly.

What is JP Morgan Reserve Card Made of?

JP Morgan Reserve Card is made of metal, which has a dark blue and black design. So JP Morgan Reserve Card is much heavier than ordinary credit cards.

Those are some of the benefits and prize points that you can get from the jp morgan reserve card as well as the requirements that you must meet in order to have a jp morgan reserve card. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.