Lyft Promo Code, Can Save Your Monthly Money

More and more online transportation services or what we commonly call online taxis, lyft promo code online transportation companies certainly have a way to increase the number of their customers. By improving the quality of service to their customers and don’t forget to also provide discounts, promo codes and free rides to their customers.

For those of you who still use public transportation, why not try using an online taxi service from the Lyft company?, by downloading the Lyft application on your mobile. That way you don’t need to walk to the bus stop or the train station which is quite far from your house. If you use the lyft promo code Application you only need to order through the application and sit at home waiting for one of the Lyft drivers or partners to pick you up.

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How do I Download the Lyft Application?

The Method is Quite Easy, Here are the Steps:

  • If you use a smartphone you can simply enter the PlayStore application on your mobile.
  • In your search button, simply type “Lyft”, then the Lyft application will appear on your mobile screen and download.
  • After the download process is complete, you enter the Lyft application and Lyft Promo Code.
  • After successfully logging in, you will be asked to register using a telephone number. Follow the instructions given by the Lyft application.
  • If the registration is successful you will be directed to the Lyft application homepage.

Congratulations on your success in registering and being able to use lyft promo code online taxi service. After you download and get an account to be able to enjoy Lyft online taxi services, you will get a number of promotions in the form of credits, free rides and discounts for rides with Lyft.

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Here’s a Promotional Code that You can Use to Get a Free Ride from Lyft Promo Code:

  • LYFTPROMO15 – By using this code you will receive a $ 15 credit for 3 rides. So you won’t be able to use $ 15 directly, so be careful if your vehicle exceeds $ 5.
  • LYFTPROMO16 – If you use this promo code, you will get a credit of $ 16 for 4 rides. So the credit limit for this promo code is $ 4.
  • LYFTPROMO18 – Use this promo code and you will get $ 18 credit that you can use for 6 trips. So the discounted price limit that you can get in one trip is around $ 3. More than $ 3 you have to pay the fee.
  • LYFTPROMO25 – If you use this promo code, you will get a credit of $ 25 for your 10 trips with Lyft. So the credit limit you can use to get a free ride is $ 2.5, more than that you have to pay.
  • LYFTLUX25 – for this one promo code, you will get a 25% discount on your next trip using a Lyft online taxi. You only get this promo once.

So a lot of promotional codes provided by the Lyft company. You just have to choose the promo code that you will use. Remember, you can only use promo codes once for each phone number, but if there is a new promotional code issued by the Lyft company, you can use the latest lyft promo code.

How do I Use the Lyft Promo Code?

You can enter the promo code into the Lyft application in your phone. That way you will receive free credit from the Lyft company. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Lyft application in your smartphone.
  • After successfully entering the Lyft application, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the Lyft application homepage.
  • Click on the menu that says “Promo”, enter one of the codes in the list above. and click “Apply”.
  • After successfully entering the promo code, you will automatically be directed to the application page informing you that the promo code has been successfully used and the active period of the promo code.

What is the Price for Each Trip Using Lyft?

To see the price amount, you can see it in the Lyft app before you order a Lyft taxi / Lyft Promo Code. But in some cases, the prices in the app do not match at the end of the trip, because Lyft doesn’t just calculate prices from the distance of the ride, Lyft taxi prices can vary depending on distance, time, route and toll costs. The point is you should not be fixated on the price of the Lyft application, because if the road you are going through is stuck, the Lyft meter will continue to run.

That’s some information about the lyft promo code that you can use to get discounts, free rides and credits that you can use for free Lyft rides. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.