Uber Rush App Free $ 20 Promo Code, Uber Delivery Service

Uber Rush App | Uber is an online-based transportation company headquartered in San Francisco, United States. Uber company created a special application for customers to order taxis online in partnership with Uber company. Taxi is generally yellow, but Uber partners use private or rented cars to provide services like taxis in general.

To be able to enjoy Uber services, you must download the Uber application and register using an email address or telephone number. Uber is now an alternative transportation that you can use when you are traveling near or far, Uber is already available in several major cities around the world.

Now the Uber service is not just picking up and delivering passengers, To develop and provide satisfying services for Uber customers, the Uber Company now has Uber Delivery Service or Uber Rush.

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What is Uber Rush App?

Uber Rush is one of the services provided by Uber Company for its loyal customers. Uber Rush is different from Uber Taxi because Uber Rush is a messenger service, to pick up the items you ordered from a store and send them to your home address. Through the uber application you can order uber messenger services, but only certain cities can enjoy the Uber Rush App service. Including San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

What Items can I Send Using Uber Rush App?

Many types of goods can be sent by Uber partners, but to send an item must be included in the rules set by Uber company. Uber Rush App services usually use bikes, motorbikes and cars, depending on your needs to send the type of goods you need.

Here are the Types of Items that You Cannot Send Using Uber Rush App Services:

  • Foods or drink containing alcohol.
  • Illegal, stolen and dangerous items such as firearms, explosives and highly flammable.
  • And any items that do not have permission to be sent Uber Rush service.

If you send one of the items listed above, don’t be surprised if Uber partners or Uber drivers refuse to provide their services.

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How do I Use Uber Rush App Services?

To Use Uber Rush Services, You must:

  • Install the Uber App on your Android and iOS phones.
  • After the application installation process is successful, you are required to register your email or mobile number, the aim is to make it easier for drivers to contact you. and if you already have an account, simply enter your phone number and your e-mail address and password.

After successfully installing and registering your personal data, you can use the services of Uber and Uber Rush companies. The newly launched Uber Rush service has several promotional codes or discounts that you can use to save your expenses.

What Codes are Available for Uber Rush App Discounts?

  • RUSHNYC – $ 30 discount for each service you use.
  • UBERHOTVALUE – a discounted price of $ 20 for each service you use.
  • DROOL50 – 50% discount for 3 times using the Uber service.

Those are some discount codes that I have managed to collect, but before you try to make sure that the discount codes above can still be used, because each discount code has an expiration period.

If you have enough free time, why isn’t your free time being used to make money by being a driver or uber partner? If you intend to become a uber partner and driver there are several requirements that you must prepare, such as:

  • You must be over 21 years of age when you register to become a Uber partner.
  • Have 1 year driving experience in the United States, so you must have a driver’s license.
  • Your vehicle documentation and your vehicle insurance.

For some people who own a car, being an uber partner is very easy. because the requirements are only a driver’s license, experience and paperwork for four-and two-wheeled vehicles. Each city has additional requirements to become an uber partner, so before registering it’s a good idea to visit the official website of Uber.

That’s some information about the Uber Company and Uber Rush App Services that you can use right now in the city where you live as well as some promo or discount codes that you can use to save your money. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.