Easy to Use Hilton Corporate Codes and Get Hilton MVP 20% Discount Coupon

Hilton corporate codes and MVP package is the most popular package owned by Hilton Honors. This package offers a 15% to 20% discount for stays at participating hotels in the Americas. To get this fantastic package, you must meet the requirements to get the status, points and stay credit benefits. It turns out that many people do not or do not even know about the benefits of this discount, even though many people have the right to do so. With that, we will discuss it now to provide in-depth information about this fantastic discount.

What is Hilton MVP?

Hilton MVP is a special discount program that can be applied to participating hotels and is spread throughout the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and other countries in Latin America. This is often referred to as the booking of the Hilton family and friends MPV. The discount given is usually around 15% to 20%, which is better than the American Automobile Association (AAA). But here it will not discuss price comparisons with others, but deeper information about the fantastic discounts offered by Hilton MVP.

Hilton will make it easier for anyone who wants to get a “Corporate” discount. The Hilton MVP code will give you a discount of up to 20%, and Team USA can get a 15% discount. By following the MVP Code members must complete at least four stays. Assuming it can fulfill the requirements within 90 days of registration.

Rules for the level of eligibility of the MVP Hilton, you must be one of the administrators in the field of athletics or affiliated with sports entities, sports-related companies, sports groups or events that require meeting the requirements. However, for the United States Team does not enforce such rules. It turns out that the corporate code cannot be used in any hotel, by finding hotels that have the use of two codes it is better to try before using the corporate code.

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How does the Hilton MVP code work?

For the first time, by searching for the Hilton discount codes on the official Hilton website. By getting the Hilton Corporate Codes, you can enter it in the “Corporate Account” field and fill in the required information on the Hilton website form. However, you need to try a number of codes that can increase rates at participating hotels. Here are some Hilton MVP 2019 codes that you can use (this can also be different and depends on the hotel you are trying to order, and changes frequently):

  • Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, and at several locations Hilton Grand Vacations Club A.S: 1135262 (use of the MVP corporate code)
  • Hampton, DoubleTree, and Embassy Suites Hotels: 0561135262 (use of the MVP corporate code)

How do you use the Hilton Corporate Codes Online?

As explained earlier, after you look for the company’s discount code and get it. You can go to the official Hilton Honor website at www.hilton.com. You can click on the plus sign in the lower right corner in the order table. Then click “Add special rate codes” which displays some special tariff options. You can enter your Hilton corporate codes in the “Corporate Account” field so that corporate discounts can apply.

Enter the required information such as your destination and travel dates, and in the end, you click “Find It” to display hotel deals at discounted rates. With you benefiting the Corporate Code allows you to save money, receive Hilton Elite Benefits and earn Hilton Honors Points.

How do you enter the Corporate Discount Code on the Hilton Application?

Other than through the official Hilton website, you can do to enter the corporate Discount Code in your hand through the Hilton Application on your smartphone. Following are the simple steps to use the Hilton application:

Open the Hilton application and simply select the “Add Special Rate Code” button from the home page. You will be taken to the screen by displaying a number of special tariff options, then you enter the corporate discount code in the “Corporate Account *” to see the MVP price when viewing a hotel that meets the requirements.

What is the Hilton Promotion Code or Offer?

As with Hilton Corporate Codes discount, there are many promotional codes/ offers from Hilton that give you discounts of up to 40%. However, there are some cases with the use of promotional codes/offers, which are not as expected but will have a higher price than without using this code (regular withdrawal). This may depend on the required date and your location. Surely you should still try it because this can change at any time into extraordinary benefits.

Some list of Hilton 2019 promotional codes / offers that you can use (but this can change at any time):

  • PR1CB
  • PR09PM
  • PR09PN

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How do you use a Hilton Promotional Code or Offer?

It’s the same as using the corporate discount code. What distinguishes it only when filling a promotional code/offer, this code is filled in the “Promotion / Offer Code” field so this code can be valid.

Most people say that Hilton MVP code is the best way to save a lot of money when booking a Hilton Hotel by fulfilling predetermined requirements. You must be very thorough and up-to-date when looking for a discount or promotional code offers because they can change at any time without your knowledge. Many people don’t realize that they are eligible for a discount, but don’t use it. You can use the safe path by registering at several types of sports associations or actually playing sports. With it, you can enjoy the extraordinary benefits of the Hilton MVP.