Verizon Phone Trade in, Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max

By selling your old cell phone at Verizon Phone Trade in, you can get an iPhone 11 Pro Max for only $ 300. By selling your old cellphone on Verizon, you get the chance to get a new iPhone 11 Pro Max cellphone at a price of $ 300 to $ 500. The process is very simple, namely by selling your cellphone and tablet on Verizon. That way Verizon will give a price for each cellphone you sell and Verizon will later give you a gift card and credit points that you will later use to buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

So, if you intend to replace your old cellphone with a new one, it never hurts you to try to sell your old cellphone at Verizon Phone Trade in. Because selling an old cellphone usually takes a long time, other than that it’s very rare for people to buy a used cellphone, let alone an old model cellphone.

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Verizon might offer a cheap price for your old cellphone and Verizon pays for it via virtual credit, where you cannot receive cash. But the good side of Verizon helps make it easier for you to sell your old cell phone.

How do I Sell My Old Cellphone at Verizon Phone Trade in?

It’s very easy, you just have to create an account on Verizon. The account is what you will later use to sell your cellphone and receive a gift card or virtual money from the results of you selling the cellphone.

Guide to Creating a Verizon Account:

  • The first step, you access the official site of Verizon Phone Trade in. On the main page, in the top right corner you click “Sign-in”. and a drop down menu will appear. click “register”.
  • After that, you will be directed to the registration page. Fill in all the required requirements such as, Creating an account ID and password, email and cellphone address, residential address and zipcode, Place of Birth Date and making secret questions and answers. Secret questions are very useful to prevent your account from being stolen by others.
  • After filling all the required requirements, you check the section that says “I Agree to the Verizon Term and service and Privacy Policy”.

Congratulations, you have successfully registered your account. After you successfully register, you can immediately market your old cellphone on Verizon Phone Trade in.

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How do I Start Verizon Phone Trade in?

After successfully creating a Verizon account, now you can easily sell your old cellphone and get the new one you want. Here’s the Way:

  • Enter your Verizon account ID and password at
  • On your main page write the cellphone model that you will sell. or you click the cellphone logo and click the logo of your cellphone manufacturer.
  • Next you write down the type of cell phone you are going to sell and choose the color of your cellphone. Don’t forget your cellphone type, like cellphone memory.
  • After that you click the condition of your cell phone, if your cell phone is still good and has no problems, you click that says “Good”.
  • After clicking “Good”, the price offered by Verizon will appear automatically. If the price spent by Verizon matches the price of your cellphone, click “Next”.

Congratulations on you now getting credit from Verizon for the sale of your old cell phone. After receiving credit from Verizon, you can now spend it with your dream phone or with other Verizon services.

Deficiency and Advantages of Verizon Phone Trade in

Verizon Phone Trade in – Deficiency

  • The price offered is far lower than the market price for a used cellphone.
  • You do not get cash, but credit that you must later spend on Verizon.

Verizon Phone Trade in – Advantages

  • Helps make it easier for you to sell your old cellphone that has not been sold in the market and maybe your cell phone has been damaged.
  • The process is very easy for you to do and the process is free of charge.

Tips: Verizon accepts several types of cellphones and tablets as well as smartwatches. And also if your cell phone is damaged, Verizon still appreciates your cellphone, but only a few types of damage they receive.

The above are tips and information about Verizon Phone Trade in and how to create an account and how to sell your cellphone on Verizon. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.

For more Information

Visit the Verizon Official Site Or You can Contact Verizon Customer Service at 877-428-9481