W Hotel Fort Lauderdale, Best Hotel Reviews in Florida

W Hotel Fort Lauderdale is one of the luxury hotels of the W Hotel company located in Florida, United States of America and one of the subsidiaries owned by the Marriott International Company. W-Hotel Fort Lauderdale is not like other marriott’s luxury hotel chains, W-Hotel Fort Lauderdale has a design and facilities specifically for teenagers today. So for teenagers to stay at W Hotel Fort Lauderdale it might not be boring.

The design and facilities include the W Lobby called the family room, which aims to strengthen the family ties, swimming pool, and the hotel also has facilities for pet care and spa services. W hotel also has night entertainment that you can enjoy such as life music from famous local musicians and popular Dj Appearances.

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What is the Price for Staying at W Hotel Fort Lauderdale?

Prices for staying at W-Hotel Fort Lauderdale averaged around $ 400 to $ 500, the price of a room at W Hotel Fort Lauderdale is very dependent on the days and dates on the calendar, for example to book a W-Hotel Fort Lauderdale room on a big day or a long holiday, usually the price of hotel rooms will be much more expensive, even up to 2 times the usual price.

What Facilities and Activities can be Done at W Hotel Fort Lauderdale ?

There are many activities and services that you can enjoy while staying at the W Fort Lauderdale hotel, such as:

  • Cycling while enjoying beautiful beach views and breathing in fresh air on the beach. There is an additional fee for renting a bicycle.
  • W Fort Lauderdale hotel has spa services, massages, beauty services and salons. This service may have additional fees.
  • A gym / fitness center is also available at the W Fort Lauderdale hotel, which you can enjoy for free.
  • There are also other types of sports that you can enjoy such as, Bowling, Snorkeling and Windsurfing on the beach.
  • Spa and beach lounges that you can enjoy for free. But there are additional costs needed.

You can enjoy these facilities for free when you and your family stay at W hotel Fort Lauderdale, but there are also some facilities that require additional fees to be able to enjoy it. For that before you try to enjoy the services and facilities of hotel rooms, you must be more careful in choosing, so as not to incur additional hotel costs.

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Does W Hotel Fort Lauderdale Provide Parking Services?

Of course there are, you can choose several free parking services available at W Hotel Fort Lauderdale. You can choose free parking services such as, on-site parking, private parking, parking garage and there is also a free electric vehicle charging station service. However, to be able to enjoy free parking services, you must first order the parking services. If it is available and still empty you can use it, but if it is full you may have to find another parking space for your vehicle and it is not free.

Does W Hotel Fort Lauderdale Provide a Free Breakfast?

Usually not all hotels provide free breakfast for their guests. But W-Hotel Fort Lauderdale provides some free breakfast menus for hotel guests. You can enjoy the food menu served by W Hotel Fort Lauderdale, the main breakfast menu is usually American food and A la carte. where the menu is classy food served by chefs of W-Hotel Fort Lauderdale.

In addition you can enjoy hotel services and luxury hotel facilities for free, you can also shop for some of the needs that you need while staying at the hotel and buy some merchandise. Because W Hotel Fort Lauderdale is very close to a shopping center and access is very easy, just by walking.

That is some information that I can get about W Hotel Fort Lauderdale, some hotel facilities may have additional costs for you to enjoy, but there are also many free hotel facilities that you can enjoy while staying at W Hotel Fort Lauderdale. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring.